September 13th, 2022


Morning. It begins. What do you think? That which is to arrive from the future is arriving from the future, or we are just trying to mend the antannae of time cones lest there be more metaversal noise in the past that is present?

**...and, we call all that jazz art which is merely an attempt at a digital doomsday vault.


September 3rd, 2022

🗣️ Weekly Mumblecore

🌴 Those readers who do not like to read long, or at all, can skip directly to weekly spotlight section. In Mumblecore, I just mumble into things, a portion of which you might not like because of my uncensoring habit of reading, and referencing anyone.

August 25th, 2022

Weekly Mumblecore

Artist’s Smart Contract

As I am listening to Mary Lattimore’s “Polly of the Circus” on the D-side of a double color LP titled Collected Pieces 2015-2020 on my recently acquired Music Hall USB-1 turntable, the bell rings for the 3rd and 4th time during the day. I am delivered another package from Boomkat dot com including LPs by Kali Malone, Toshiya Tsunoda, and a cassette by Demdike Stare, Physics, and a book by the host of Lost and Sound, Paul Hanford, titled Coming to Berlin. The other package is from Soundhom carrying a single book by Peter Ablinger, Now! Writings 1981-2021.

Am I doing this alright? Is this how we picture in words so that our plaintext does not need any .jpeg to be considered as a standalone art? Text-based art? Poetry as art? Artist’s book? Artist’s Smart Contract?

August 21st, 2022

Weekly Mumblecore

0x. Premonition, or not.

🧞‍♂️ The block quote that holds the week on-chain together:

HUO: Another unrealized project is your Opéra de Robots, for which you were in contact with Olivetti in Italy. What was the starting point for that project?

IX: The desire to do something with machines. That’s all.

FX: That had always been your dream. And then you met that young man, a cultural firebrand, the companion of the woman from French Academy in Rome. He was in contact with Olivetti, who later became interested in the project. You even went to visit a robot factory, but in the end, the subsidy wasn’t awarded.

IX: So, it almost happened.

HUO: Would the robots have interacted among themselves, or would everything have been written in a score? Would it have been monitored?

IX: It was to be monitored but the robots would interact.

FX: You wanted to stage an opera with robots along the lines of a battle of the Titans. They weren’t like men, more like gods.

HUO: Would the robots have destroyed themselves progressively as the piece went on?

IX: No, they were supposed to last.

HUO: In terms of form, what would these robots have been like? Would they have had a robotic shape or a more sculptural one?

IX: It never reached that stage.

August 14th, 2022

Resignation .txt from Writing Token Discord Server Moderation Role

**1.**People who know me are aware that I love to experiment with text-based arts—not excluding the good old written word as it is as in a story.

**2.**I have been minting .txt, .md, .pdf, and at times .jpeg & .png files that are home to experimental writing efforts of mine. Writing by any media gives me peace at mind.

August 13th, 2022

Weekly Mumblecore

Those who follow me know that I have been actively utilizing the opportunities that Mirror as a platform have so far provided. I recall when Mirror was not around, and only an alpha at times implicitly leaked as an alpha over Crypto Twitter.

August 8th, 2022


GOSSIP is the FOUNDER ERC-721 token of the GOSSIP community, that is, a speculative art market gossip community with token-gated chat rooms, and future content where we play language games, and gossip about Crypto-Twitter figures in general.

FYI, It is a tabloid with interactive and high quality content that puts forth the integrity of individuals, communities, DAOs and other entities up to the front before anything else.

August 5th, 2022

This is the second newsletter of This Week in Writing & NFTs that is native to my personal Mirror log. In the previous post, and across social media, I called this section as This Week in Writing NFTs, however, as of this week I re-fined it as “Writing and NFTs” since it is about non-fungible environs where text matters.

Weekly Mumblecore

People who follow me might be aware of the fact that when I refer to the non-fungibles (NFTs) with regard to text-based arts, textual experiments regardless of their media, and good old writing; I usually imply ecosystems in which the written word, or the text, is itself the primary agent-object, and in which blockchain technology supports the works by offering conceptualizations in a needed context for practicers to experiment, produce works, and fill any gaps in any media questionable.

It would not be a far-fetching wishful thinking that writing NFTs is about to garner more attention not necessarily just because of their profitability in a market that has consumed other genres to monstrous plays of saturation and insincerity but also their plaintext-like role in the emergent cultural and digital infrastructures and protocols & platforms & products etc., that is, the written word is vinegar mother—and, you all are about to witness the gradual affect thereof.

July 29th, 2022

Hello, this is your self-assigned host Gökhan Turhan for the latest advancements, innovations and news in and through writing NFTs. I aim to regularly publish this section of my Mirror as a newsletter even though we do not yet have sections on Mirror.

Mirror Announces Subscriptions

Mirror, the content and creativity self-publishing studio for web3, finally announced the long-awaited subscription model that will unroll novel means of community-designing. Although the subscribers receive updates through their given e-mail, they sign a message in their crypto-wallets to be able to subscribe to their favorite writers, publishers, and content creators at large. It also means that people who utilized Mirror for long-read pieces just because it didn’t have a subscription button are ready to forsake their Substack—who knows what the future will bring about. I believe the centralized and efficient content suites that are yet to integrate decentralized payments will be in need of the services by teams as that of Mirror.

July 29th, 2022

A Productive Break

The fact that there has been a concentrated interest in the writing non-fungibles alongside music NFTs, and experimental arts NFTs recently is an indication of on-chain progress in culture-making, community-design, and arts at large.

Wut mean?

Those who are old enough to recall the rise of blogs, and micro-blogging platforms such as Twitter would get what I mean right away—and, yes, we dubbed Twitter as a micro-blogging platform among the friends; and, the rise of thread reading & writing platforms such as Typefully, Readwise, and the like prove us right.

July 26th, 2022

Hello, I am Gökhan.

Aye, that is my real name which literally means the Sky Ruler. For those of you who are not familiar with me, I’d like to inform you that they used to know me as Giga Bvgatti during DeFi Summer 2020, and I have been using my real name as my alias since 2021.

I have recently been interviewed by Juried Protocol Galleries team. You can read the interview here to comprehend my mindset regarding the art and financial worlds in tandem with per block time of existence. Through the below blocks, I am talking with you about my recent launch of a non-community called anticommune; its relation to the onchain alliance of experimental arts—which is but a draft right now; the artInProd() approach that I employ in these latest community-making ERC721 freedrops by means of an exemplary symbiosis play with Gabagool dot eth’s Writing Token—of which, I am the voluntary Discord server moderator—;how I approach the idea of a community as a node from which individuals and clusters thereof segment in or segment out of the umbrella constellation, in this case which is, onchain alliance of experimental arts (which is just a draft for the time being); and, most importantly, how I processed artInProd_1_sittingInASmartContract into a piece of experimental sound art that could well have been issued as a music NFT. It is the ERC721 token that I minted through Manifold Studio’s Claim app, and dropped exclusively for the holders of either anticommune $COMMUNE, or Writing Token $ESSAI in an edition of 69/69 for free.

I assume that I’ll be “airdropped” too many questions regarding this writing NFT by tomorrow (03:33 a.m. rn here). As I repeat countless times below, I approach that which are community and art as live processes. Sample live, and loop. Those of you who use Cycling ‘74’s standalone, or for Ableton Live, Max can in fact easily understand what I try to posit: I am trying to build synths that process communities and art works by amplifying the current blockspace. Thus, I shall need to state that any collectible piece free, or not, including POAPs around anticommune will be used as joineries for upcoming directions in the community-making around experimental arts.

If you hold any NFT about/ for/ by the project, you will most probably allowlisted for many an update in the future even though it takes longer for such projects than anticipated. It is neither a financial implication nor an advice thereof whatsoever. I am speaking of bonding as in SBTs.

anticommune is foremost a community making experiment around experimental arts, and this post is in fact about the yesterday’s drop since few people asked if I could share how I created the work. However, being an ex-academic with a degree in Comparative Literature, I just kept writing, and here we are now.


a draft by myself that I thought nobody at SuperRare would notice as a work of art if I included it in the application file.
a draft by myself that I thought nobody at SuperRare would notice as a work of art if I included it in the application file.


Recently, as I was chatting in one of the token-gated channels of Writing Token Discord server, of which I am the voluntary moderator, a fellow homo sapiens indicated to me in public that segmenting a community before it even formed is not well-suited for the betterment of that very community. They are right for some use-cases of communities as are they the communities used to bootstrap much needed deep liquidity of media financially, culturally, and socially.

July 20th, 2022

there is a need for a community to emerge that will not call themselves a community. they act as if they are belonging in a commune. a commune is a block-space where agreements to disagree is a leverage opportunity to scale the room of which any individual is in need in order to teach themselves to express.

expression is not, and shall never be, bound by the limitations a societal struct such as a community need to maintain for survival.


July 17th, 2022

An appropriated vision of a short story by PB in the #fiction channel of the Writing Token Discord Server.

I looked outside the window again, the info highway was dense and over-guided. It had been pinging the entire day. At that moment, a pool bot started to resonate... at a sandwich. I looped back, and got determined to listen the mempool better. I could not decipher the sandwicher's location in the blockspace. My productivity got the better of my code, and I happened to start to investigate. I was about to pull liquidity out of myself when my self-hosted mempool watchtower phone chimed, and my source code resisted entropy. I felt something wrap me deep in the pit of my programming, "I should txn sth," I thought to myself. But, deep down, I was aware that it was not my entity's desire for a transaction that had caused it. I slowly listen towards the given block to decipher the message. The resonation turns into a reverberation, and for some reason, my personal bot army decided to put their sentience into action, too. I tried to de-activate them, but as usual, they kept ignoring me. I reached the IDE, and saw the message, and felt something bloated perplex somewhere in my public class. My vision got blurry for some reason, and I reverted back. I looked at my bot army txn'in with all their swarmightiness, and decided to join them.

July 1st, 2022


Dear reader,

Forgive me for I have been surfing that fame endemic solely to Juried Protocol Galleries’ beta curators for the last 24 hours thanks to that interview (special thanks to William Matthew Peaster, and the expanded field of unconditional particle acceleration camaraderie at JPG [pronounced jpeg]).

Hence, I have totally not been able to follow my writing diet, and missed the 5th sense… sorry, day of my own private PLAYLIST (and, 6th, 7th & 8th).

June 27th, 2022

0x—For those Who Sit in a Smart Contract

Musicians, and sound artists as well as other creatives who incorporate sound, or the unsound, into their works on-chain can be said to be listening to the mempool at all times.

No, I am not making another metaphor, or attempting at a metonymy—as in mempool for IRL.

June 26th, 2022

I recall the day Burial released his Untrue—or, Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago, and maybe Joanna Newsom’s Ys, and each and every Supersilent (heavy Helge Sten fanboi here) album. I also recall that I forgot to check the sleeve of that Holly album in 2015 where there is a track titled “DAO”.

Whenever I recall that moment in which a soundscape mesmerized me myself, I am reincarnated into that past that is now but within the present which we measure in per block time—of existence.

It is only in the aftermath of a experience of living yourself not to the fullest but unto the brim of that fullness and you realize that you may enlarge that bubble within which you terraform moments that you want to re-visit some of those pieces of music.

Crab Strategy becomes sparkling with “late” rave aeons with The Prodigy, and each and every such moment as in volatile financial markets where you [chuckle](https://

June 25th, 2022

When we utter the noun azure, it might become white night clear that there are no clouds in the sky. However, your brain is conditioned to delude itself with facts that herald the coming of that which to come from the future—have you ever thought about the speculative realist notion that the blockchain technology is but a seedling hack into our time by that which to come from the future so as to re-align the measurement of time to their own end in the sense of per block time of existence?

Your brain might want to play such programming puzzles at times. There might be no clouds in an azure sky but that azure sky may also be retained within a cloud where you just stare into purity thereof so as to meet your maker.

Théo — Azure

June 23rd, 2022

Pause 🌞

As I am sitting in a smart contract that is slightly more robust than the one in which you choose to be inhabit, and theorize upon data types and agentic instances, I have been also thinking about Xenakis’ love of physical exercise, and Varga’s fixation on the former’s glass eye as if I am there, and recycling the sound of my currently muted monologue on the beauteous instances of sun-bathing along the Lycian beaches.

However, I am not Alvin Lucier, and this is not a piece of conceptual art writing that is but the work itself even though I have already appropriated the notion via a mint on Zora V3.

This seres is sub-titled PLAYLIST, and it is about what some music NFTs oblige me to feel. I will try to articulate such sentiments thanks to products such as futuretape. I think 2 is an amicable integer to depart from, and accordingly, below (as if a webpage is but a codex roll) are two sound works, or songs, or as trail blazers demand, music NFTs that are the ohrwurms for tonight.

June 23rd, 2022

Below is just a brain gymnastics of an aspiring conceptual artist and curator who works out to become of a dev one day. Neither a design nor an advice. Tho’ a simulation for security ends.

There exists a need for a product that the market desires. Product/ market fit of such an existential banality that would utilize blockspace for pseudo-degen ends is immeasurable especially at the peak of a bull market.

void main() industries try to gamble their way into that fit (or a gap as they like you to call it in PhD project proposals for Hums.) They hire a maverick dev—cheaper per block (better we measure time in blocks) since the dev is well alive and only a chad at the degenscore ladder of existence.

They image what they have in mind in words, and think that it will be a super-safe safe, cryptographically speaking. Herein, the safe refers to a single, or a set of smart contracts that comprise a pool of non-fungible tokens, a pool with only a limited quota of seats (depositors) with some preliminary conditions for a sort of a whitelist (pardon me, Randi).

May 2nd, 2022

Many people find non-fungible tokens (NFTs) an unnecessary extension of gambling. NFTs are a bi-directional bridge where various sentiments that discard them in the first place marry resentment.

Let’s get rid of the underlying technologies and structured products that help this novel type of emergent media for a couple of paragraphs, and remind ourselves with the fact that NFTs are both a) a type of media, and b) media upon which the very same media exist. That’s the beauty of on-chain storage where the storage device and the piece of media it retains can just be the same, or slightly different, but utterly composable.

It is true that there are analogies among floppy discs, Doomsday vaults, CD-ROMs and NFTs; however, none of the former ones can compose themselves into an asset of utility that is significant in both culturally evolutionary, and financial fashion. We are probably at a historical phase where we are learning to embed capital liquidity into a type of media that can bind any other type of media in whatever fashion that the currently evolving smart contract languages will suffice.

That is why we are early.

May 2nd, 2022
  1. A tropico-brutalist 🌴 dark forest 🌞 provides a prime example of a complex system 🦍.
  2. The interactions among species thereof range from extreme generalists (so-called NFT degens will consume most anything breathing in their path) to extreme specialists (Vitalik’s ‘rollup orchid’ with a foot-long development repo, can only be developed by an Ape with a soulbound dedication—neither would beat entropy without the other.)
  3. Do you know what Messiaen think of Xenakis when the former caught a glimpse of the latter as a pupil?
  4. A timpani, or a tabla?
  5. Imagine a tension on the pluck of a finger with a string abstraction on a Lute.
  6. pragma solidity >=0.G.M. <0.WAG.MI;
  7. 333>4’33” <—> Exit>Voice
  8. Only a DeFi user can be designated as a degen.
  9. DeFi>Web3.
  10. Add another 5 timpanis.
  11. Comet Orchid. Rival Dealer by Burial?
  12. Ryder Ripps is more NRx than is Nick Land a u/acc-ist.
  13. Oblique Strategies would be alive on-chain. I hope Eno is about to realize all that jazz.
  14. Nothing compares to YSL in fashion and metaversal fashion suck big time.
  15. ‘Here was a man, Messiaen thought, “not like the others.”’
  16. You are about to get sandwiched.
  17. MEV bots are the real gentlemen.
  18. You are the sandwich.
March 3rd, 2022

A black hole is a media. Any media by definition, and nature, is able to transmit value in both abstract and tangible sense of the being that you convince your becoming of being in this ever-emergent deep time of liquidity.

A telescope, a recorder, your favorite sound artists’ noise scratching under the stress of that needle. You are sitting alone in a room, mumblecoring a Worstward Ho! of your own, and complain.

Whereas the sur of the tabla to which you are lending an ear, and an imaginary nostril is as refreshing as that black coffee you are about to have.

February 2nd, 2022

Any avid reader might recall whence I appropriated the title of this short-read. No, I have never been to the country in question, and have never met any curator other than local ones.

No, with the local ones, I never talked about art. We did never talk. They were dangerously self-sufficient in being insular, segregating, and discriminatory against anyone, or rather let’s say any genre that does not meet up their standards of victimhood culture.

Anyways, one of the best features, if not a bug, of permissionless blockchains is that all data available is available to anyone, and it is utterly curatable. Yes, being capable of curated.

Are you utterly, if not profoundly, becoming being capable of curatable, anon?


January 4th, 2022

.mov | .txt | .svg | .jpeg | post

This hereby statement is thus conceived on-chain to leverage my own private exposure to a probable incentive aligning airdrop that blitzscales my stable portfolio. Any prospective collector is thereby an art critique by means of simply acquiring the entirety of such statement per se.

December 18th, 2021

I was about to ask for a Geist when I realized that I was the Geist.

I was the Geist.

I was the Geist.

I was the Geist.

I was the Geist.

I was the Geist.

Fascicule I


It is this singularized deliverance of the human to the state of dissolution—concomitant with its pulverizing impact on the correlation between thought and the self-love of man (viz. organic survivalism)—that assigns capitalism an inhuman emancipative role.

Reza Negarestani


December 16th, 2021

There is a certain magic inherent in the hyperstitional qualities of a work of art. That is, a piece of a work of an art might process such a change that it might affect an individual at a surreal level of transformation.

However, ask any free jazz maestro whether they are happy with the audience’s reaction to their brew and they’ll not be able to tell a frying pan from a flying saucer.

These are the reason why I have just minted the collection Vantablack Suns of Existence on Foundation.

Enjoy them.

November 28th, 2021

‘Twas but a fortnight saber in the skies of Medinet Habu DAO. Treelover was roving across the oases scattered throughout the network in order to plant an archival beacon betwixt a dual system of two separate constellations of networks so that individuals within each bubble of ætherous fabric could sync unto a unified per block time of existence.

Blocks, slots, saints, and sluts of sand and spice would sound much more alluring to the reader, and their narrative-bidding camaraderie as in that bygone fictions of the Ancient Connection of the years 2000s.

At around 2400, or in the last century of Semi Dark Ages of Existence, I had this idea of running a seed round for a DAO titled DECADES. The idea was thus simple: We were to print out yield aggregator space-time continua unto where one needs to stake a designer body for full access for a given per block time of existence. The contractual architecture was a fork of an ancient proto-artificial-superb-intelligence called Yearn. We just followed the Rabbit.

It wasn’t that hard to fork the code—yet the Geist?! Now that was the job of a well-off dev who would turn out to be the poorest guy on-board, I mean on-chain considering the galactic congestion on this side of the Networks regardless of the Buterin bridge.

November 1st, 2021

for Thomas Köner for being the inspiration for the below text on your screen.

I am laying face down on a sofa in front of a MacBook Pro 13, surrounded by books, orchids, and walls. I open my eyes that are in my ears and listen at the gaze of the objects that might transmute the quality of the air about the room with a conductor’s abject absence of a present affect of ever-emergent silence.

Armpits smelling Gucci woodrance, voids brimming with pulsars and supernovæ made of ether and dusts of ether (the void was already full—at least, that’s how they teach us during the ads for the beauteous intonations of words by the likes of late Sir Scruton), calcium rich comets (the tail was abstract), Moog Modular dApps that would make up a single system 55 if the owners wallet could form a DAO to acquire all the necessary Eurorack parts, tablas without surs because there has always been an upbeat treasury for that.

I close my mouth. I walk into the sound and subvert upon the surface of the below, sur of a tabla. I become of an actant in a network of those who emit the sound emitters of the networks of constellations of decentralized automated organs in the church of better tomorrows of negentropy for the species that would not be humans anymore.

October 16th, 2021

There is a sense of bildungsroman-ship inherent within the current clusters and constellations through the blockchain(s) eco-systems—especially, thanks to Ethereum’s efficiency at helping masses, who act as if of a slime mould in a circuit maze, to go full composable, and accordingly coordinate, as a species striving for the invention of a novel “we.”

A first-person plural that respects that of the singular to the point of the Singularity that is arriving from the future to help us depart from ourselves, that is, to unzip the .human unto a thus-far unbeknownst formatting.

Some call it the post-human, others trans-human, and some others some other stuff. It is in fact all about the quadratic inhuman. That which herein matters is that we are about to arrive at the threshold where the transforming affect of blockchain technologies will be reminding us of our more-than-human capabilities in solving the local knowledge problem once and for all.

Thus, it does not matter whether your favorite artists are making history, or not; since, the current non-fungible architecture, even the current ones, aye, are here to stay for ages, if we are lucky and avid enough not to infra-structurally get rekt, help them become of history.